Screen Printing


    Most jobs are basic spot. Each color is printed with its own ink, in contrast to process color which uses CMYK (4 colors) to produce all other colors.


    A group of large and small dots when viewed at a distance have an appearance of continuous shades.


    Depending on your image we may use CMYK or simulated process for prints with lots of shading / halftones and photorealistic images.


  • Embroidering apparel can provide an element of quality and professionalism. This method of embellishment provides a longer lasting imprint as thread colors does not fade or wash out over time. While set up fees may apply, embroidery enables the use of a greater number of colors in a logo at no additional cost.

Promotional Products

  • Let us find the perfect promo product for you! This category represents a large number of options in terms of products and affordability. Product offerings range from water bottles and tote bags, to decals and banners, to writing instruments and practically anything else you can imagine putting your logo on. Likewise, pricing can range from under one dollar and up.

Graphic Design

  • The foundation to any successful order is a logo that was designed in mind for utilizing the types of services we offer. Our graphic design services will either leverage and make use of your vector­ ready artwork or create your logo from scratch using our mind’s eye consultative approach. No details will be spared when we work with you in developing your logo.