Artwork Guidelines

Please take a moment to review the following art submission guidelines, so we can serve you better and make sure to deliver the highest quality finished product to you, on time and avoid unnecessary art charges. Screaming Squeegee retains all intellectual property rights in and to all preliminary and final works that we create.

Artwork Charges and Approval

The first hour of artwork is free with a placed order and then $100.00 per hour thereafter (billed in 15 minute increments) . Screaming Squeegee will inform you if additional art time is needed to process your order. If you are not a graphic artist or have your artwork on paper we can recreate it for you. Squeegee retains all rights to originally created artwork, unless otherwise agreed upon.

We will e-mail you an artwork proof for approval before printing your order. When you receive this e-mail, please respond promptly, denoting any changes or if it is ready to print. We will NOT proceed with your order until we get YOUR approval.

Accepted File Types

For best results create your art as vector art in Adobe Illustrator and save as an Adobe Illustrator (.AI) file. Please be sure to convert all text to outlines/curves. Please note: placing a low resolution image from the internet into Illustrator will not make the artwork “vector”. If you are unsure if your file is acceptable, we will be happy to review it with you.

  • Vector Artwork Files

    Vector artwork files end with .ai and.eps.

    All type that has been set must be converted to outlines (curves). If future changes to the text will be necessary, the original font file must be supplied with the art file. All design elements in the file must meet minimums for line thickness- at least 1pt. Failure to do so may compromise the final imprint quality. If the vector file contains any linked (placed) raster images, these images must meet Screaming Squeegee’s minimum requirement for resolution when (300ppi) rendered at 100% actual imprint size and must be submitted with the original vector file. Please convert all colors in your artwork to spot color and label the swatches with PMS(Pantone® Matching System) numbers. By utilizing the Pantone® Matching System, we are able to communicate color clearly.

  • Raster Artwork Files
    Raster artwork files end with .psd, .tiff, and possibly .jpeg.

    All Raster elements and art files will be printed at the size that is submitted or smaller. Artwork must be sized to 100% or larger than the actual imprint size. All Raster images must meet Screaming Squeegee’s minimum resolution 300ppi (pixels-per-inch) when rendered at the actual imprint size. All raster elements must be submitted in the proper color space (RGB or CMYK). We recommend full color graphics in RGB colorspace. If your artwork was created in CMYK colorspace, do not convert to RGB color.

  • Adobe Acrobat Files
    Adobe Acrobat files end with .pdf.

    PDF files created from vector files must retain the editing capabilities of the program that was used to create them. PDF files that contain raster and vector files must meet the minimum requirements for raster and vector art files as outlined by Screaming Squeegee.

  • Other file formats and programs

    Only professional software packages may be used to produce artwork. Although programs like Microsoft Word and Publisher are useful tools, they are not capable of producing art files of a quality necessary for imprinting purposes. In certain cases we may be able to use a high resolution jpg file for reference to recreate your artwork, but please be aware that you may be charged art time if the recreation exceeds 1 hour.

Print Sizing & Placement on Apparel

We generally size artwork to fit within a 10″ w x 10″ h. imprint area. Artwork sized up to 14″ is considered standard size, however we may have to scale down accordingly depending on the cut and style of the garment. Any art requested to be larger than 14″ is considered oversize and a 25% upcharge will apply, our max imprint size is 15″ w x 18″ h. For youth shirts size S – XL our max size imprint is 9 ” w x 9 ” h, and for youth XS the max imprint is 8″ w x 10″ h for most styles. We can print most locations on a shirt but we cannot print over seams, if you have any questions in regards to sizing your art for a specific imprint location please contact us.

We can print more or less anywhere on a shirt. Pictured below are the most popular locations.